1.1. Access to Contents

ABI ANALYTICS PRIVATE LIMITED (“ABI ANALYTICS”) offers on its Website and Mobile App a wide range of editorial content, business intelligence, industry profiles, stock market and financial data, and tools (hereinafter, together, “the Contents”), some of which are accessible by subscription or on a pay-per-use basis.

ABI ANALYTICS thus offers several Subscription packages, giving access to various levels of Contents. The exact content of each Subscription package, as well as the description of the other products and services offered, is available at any time on the Website, which the User is invited to consult before placing an order, in order to know the essential characteristics of the product or service subscribed to. The Company reserves the right at any time, and without prior notice, to change, modify, suspend, or discontinue all or part of a product or service, including Subscriptions.

1.2. Test features

The Company may provide Subscribers with access to test features, identified by the words “test”, “beta”, or any other similar words. These features, whose reliability is not guaranteed by the Company, are granted free of charge and temporarily. The Company reserves the right to change or delete them at any time, at its sole discretion and without compensation to the Subscribers.


2.1. Rates

The prices are accessible on the Website, in INR and USD or other legal currency according to the edition consulted by the Subscriber. They are understood to be “All taxes included” for all Contents. In any event, they do not include the costs related to the equipment and electronic communications necessary to subscribe to and use the services, said costs remaining the responsibility of the Subscriber.

2.2. Rates changes

The applicable rate is the one in force on the day of the validation of the order, as it is mentioned in the payment form.

Prices are subject to change at any time. Nevertheless, in the case of Subscriptions, the Company will notify the Subscribers before applying a rate increase, to obtain their agreement to continue their Subscription. In the absence of termination by the Customer before the next expiry of his Subscription under the conditions set out in Article 5.1 below, the rate change will be applied automatically for the next installments.

2.3. Modification by the Subscriber during the Subscription period

The Subscriber may change his package at any time during the Subscription period, by going to his account management area. The upgrade will take effect immediately and will result in the billing of the related costs, prorated to the remaining Subscription period. The package reduction will take effect on the next billing date.

The Subscriber can also modify the duration of his Subscription in his account management area. The change will take effect at the next billing date.

As an exception, if the Subscriber wishes to upgrade at the same time as increasing the duration of his Subscription, the change in duration shall take effect immediately. The Subscriber will be billed at the same time for the price of the new package chosen, less the pro rata price of the remaining Subscription.

2.4. Promotional offers

ABI ANALYTICS may offer occasional promotional offers (hereinafter “the Offers”) to all or part of its Users.

The Offers:

  • are only offered for a limited time. Any mention of date or time must be understood with reference to the Company’s time zone, namely IST (Indian Standard Time);
  • may be subject to conditions, which will be indicated on the Website and the Mobile App;
  • cannot be combined, unless otherwise specified in the terms of the Offers;
  • are reserved for new subscribers, i.e., persons who have never subscribed to a Subscription with the Company, unless otherwise specified in the conditions of the Offers;
  • cannot be exchanged for their cash value or refunded in whole or part.

If the Company finds that a Subscriber has wrongly benefited from an Offer, it reserves the right to apply the normal rate in force.


For all products and services offered on the Website, the payment is made by one of the following means at the choice of the Subscriber: credit card, via the secure solution Payment Gateway. The data provided at the time of payment is neither known nor kept by the Company.

The payment of the Subscriptions is made in arrears, it takes place at each renewal date of the Subscription. It is the Subscriber’s responsibility to update his payment method to allow for the billing of his next due date. Failure to do so will result in the suspension of the Subscription in accordance with article 5.2 below until full payment is made.


4.1. Provision of the Content

The Content is made available upon receipt by ABI ANALYTICS of the payment. The Subscriber is informed of the confirmation of his order by sending an e-mail to the e-mail address provided when ordering. The Subscriber must therefore provide a valid e-mail address.

4.2. Duration. Automatic Renewal.

The duration of the Subscription is calculated from date to date from the day of its activation.

It is tacitly renewable for an identical period, unless terminated by the Subscriber under the conditions set out in Article 5.1 below.


5.1. Termination at the Subscriber’s initiative

The Subscriber may terminate his/her Subscription at any time, in his/her account management area. The termination will be effective on the Subscription’s expiration date.

5.2. Termination at the initiative of the Company

ABI ANALYTICS reserves the right to suspend or terminate any Subscription in the event of non-compliance by the Subscriber with these General Terms and Conditions of Sale or the General Terms and Conditions of Use, in particular in the event of non-payment, fraudulent use or sharing of content with non-subscribers.

This termination is done without notice or compensation for the Subscriber, who is informed by e-mail sent to the e-mail address provided at the time of subscription.

Such termination shall not affect ABI ANALYTICS’s right to seek damages for any prejudice suffered.

5.3. Refund/Cancellation Policy

You will be refunded the subscription amount only on pro-rata basis from the date you submit for cancellation and refund. Allotment/ Refund time of response – 10 working days


6.1. Access to the Website

ABI ANALYTICS endeavors to allow access to the Website 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, except in the event of force majeure or an event beyond its control, and subject to any breakdowns and maintenance interventions necessary for the proper functioning of the Website.

ABI ANALYTICS shall not be held liable in the event of impossibility of accessing the Website or using the Contents.

6.2. Applicable Law and Dispute Resolution

Both the Website and the terms and conditions of its use, including access to and use of the services, are governed by Indian law, regardless of the place of residence or nationality of the Subscriber. 

The contract is deemed concluded at the Company’s registered office.

Only the English version of these Terms and Conditions is authentic between the parties, any other version being provided for translation purposes only.

In the event of a dispute, and after the failure of any attempt to find an amicable solution, the courts under Mumbai High Court, India shall have sole jurisdiction to hear the dispute.

Contact us at info@abianalytics.com for questions related to refunds and returns.