• Industry Landscape Analysis
  • Market Studies
  • Market Attractiveness & Opportunity Assessment
  • Market Entry / GTM Assessment
  • White Space Growth
  • Benchmarking & Best Practices:
  • Emerging Market Strategies
  • Competitive Intelligence
  • Competitors Profiling
  • KPIs & Bench-marking
  • Customer Profiling
  • Distribution Channel Analysis
  • Assessing Competitive Threats
  • Technology Market Analysis
  • Technology Mapping & R&D Benchmarking
  • Techno-Economic Feasibility
  • Innovation Trends Trackers
  • Target Profiling
  • M&A Strategic Rationale
  • Buyers/Targets Identification
  • Fitment & Synergy Analysis
  • Due Diligence Support
  • M&A Modelling

400 +

Research Assignments

For Fortune 2000 Companies, Including Market, Technology and Benchmarking Studies


2000 +

Competitive Benchmarking

Assignments, Based on Operational and Financial KPIs Across 50+ Industries in 70+ Markets


100 +

Corporate Strategy Assignments

Supported With Deep-dive Market Opportunity and Financial Feasibility Assessment of New Businesses


300 +

Technology Benchmarking

Supported With Detailed Technology Landscape and Commercialization Readiness Studies

Why Choose Us


Research assignments to support key corporate decision makers across diverse industry sectors and geographies; We provide actionable business insights, not just data

Traditional Sectors: Real Estate I Infrastructure I Utilities | Manufacturing | Energy | Food & Consumer Products I Agribusiness | Banking & Financial Services I Insurance | Metals & Mining | Media & Entertainment | Healthcare | Telecommunication

New Age Sectors: Technology | Semiconductor | Software | Biotech | Alternate Energy I Software I Artificial Intelligence I E-Commerce & Internet-Enabled Businesses

Region: 70+ countries across Asia-Pacific, the Middle East, Africa

500+ years of combined strategic consulting, market research, feasibility studies and business valuation experience with deep expertise and knowledge of business decision making

Team: 25 professionals with top 10-principals each having more than 10 years of deep-dive market research and business consulting experience

Qualification: MBA Finance I CFA I CPA

Experience: Corporate Strategy I Business Consulting I Investment Bank I Private Equity I Project Finance

Our ability to leverage experienced professionals from various domain to quickly understand sector/geography specific nuances is an added advantage

Big Data Analytics: Leverage data analytics and business intelligence solutions based on “Data-To-Decision” framework supported by Big Data solutions to derive actionable business insights

Sector Experts: 30+ sector experts with 10+ years of average domain experience

Technology Experts: 10+ technology intellectual property experts to help understand nuances of technology and their commercialization potential

Database: Internal Database on “guideline public companies” across geographies and growth curve, with their operational and valuation multiples, to help quickly understand factors impacting value of businesses


Our Solution Specialists Would Be Happy to Speak

What Are The Engagement Models?

We have engagement and pricing models aligned with our clients requirements. You can either have 1) FTE Engagement, wherein analyst(s) work 100% of the time on your assignments or, 2) Project Based Engagement, wherein the team works on individual assignments on agreed scope of the work

What data sources do you use for Research?

All data in our research is sourced from either original documents like company filings, annual and quarterly reports or some of the well know global data providers. We have audit trail for all information in our reports and profiles. Global economic data is sourced from institutions like IMF, World Bank, UNCTAD, Central Banks, OECD etc.

Do you provide research in editable format?

Absolutely! we can provide all profiles and valuation models in editable format, including in your brand colors and logo. You can just use these slides as plug-and-play in creating your own presentation.

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