• Demand Modelling & Forecasting
  • Price Modelling & Forecasting
  • Pricing Process Maturity Analytics & Quick Wins
  • Customer Segmentation Analytics
  • Price Optimization Analytics
  • Promotion Optimization Analytics
  • Customer Acquisition Modelling
  • Customer Retention Modelling
  • Customer Life Time Value Modelling
  • Consumer Behavioral Analytics
  • Customer Segmentation Analytics
  • 360-Degree Customer View
  • Marketing Returns (ROI) Analytics
  • Marketing Campaign Effectiveness
  • Social Media Monitoring & Sentiment Analytics
  • Multi-Channel Market-Mix Modelling
  • Marketing Resources Optimization
  • Social Network & Conversion Modelling
Risk & Regulatory analytics
  • Credit Risk Modelling / Scoring
  • Financial Fraud / Audit Analytics
  • Credit Card / Auto Loan Portfolio Analytics

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What Are The Engagement Models?

We have engagement and pricing models aligned with our clients requirements. You can either have 1) FTE Engagement, wherein analyst(s) work 100% of the time on your assignments or, 2) Project Based Engagement, wherein the team works on individual assignments on agreed scope of the work

What Is Your Data-To-Decision Framework?

ABI Analytics works with its clients to integrate effective analytics solutions for performance uplift. This includes identifying quick wins in the short term and strategic optimization across business functions in the long term.
DESCRIPTIVE ANALYTICS: WHAT HAS HAPPENED? Analyze data to understand past & present performance and generate insights on actions needed to improve business performance
DIAGNOSTIC ANALYTICS: WHY DID IT HAPPEN? Analyze data to understand trends on business drivers to generate insights on what exactly is the root cause of the problem
PREDICTIVE ANALYTICS: WHAT MIGHT HAPPEN NEXT? Leverage combined skills on Big Data Analytics and Business Expertise to project future scenarios and insights on what is likely to happen
PRESCRIPTIVE ANALYTICS: WHAT SHOULD BE DONE? Design the best possible business decision, incorporating predictive analytics, optimization, simulation and decision modelling techniques
ABI Analytics follows a structured approach to deliver measurable business value and implement the Data-To-Decision framework for decision makers across the key business functions

What Are the key data analytics tools and models used by you?

Our Analytics Professionals are well versed in a range of popular data analysis tools, including R and Python, Tableau, RapidMiner, KNIME, Power BI, Apache Spark, QlikView etc.
In terms of Analytics Models, our team has advance expertise in key Machine Learning and AI Algorithms

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