Helping SMEs & Family Businesses Get Future Ready To Exploit Emerging Opportunities By Transforming Business & Operating Models


As Ongoing Digital Disruption and The Fourth Industrial Revolution Is Fundamentally Changing The Business Environment, We Help SMEs & Family Businesses Get Future Ready By Transforming Business & Operating Models and Effectively Exploit Emerging Opportunities

“First, have a definite, clear, practical ideal; a goal, an objective.

Second, have the necessary means to achieve your ends: wisdom, money, materials, and methods.

Third, adjust all your means to that end.”

Aristotle, The Philosopher


As the world is getting smart with artificial intelligence, robotics, virtual reality and other evolving technologies, and with the ongoing Fourth Industrial Revolution fundamentally changing the business landscape, companies across the globe are grappling with growing uncertainty and a plethora of challenges. The competitive dynamics and sector boundaries are continuously being redefined amidst digital innovation, demographic trends and continued march of globalization. These factors are not only lowering the entry barriers, but also transforming activities across the business model.

In this highly disruptive and competitive business environment, the companies need to remain agile and responsive. This requires rethinking and redesigning business and operating models to achieve sustainable revenue maximization and cost optimization strategies.

ABI is a global business and strategic consulting company with deep expertise and experience in designing, developing and implementing business transformation initiatives for Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and family-run businesses. At ABI, we truly believe that only way forward for companies is to embrace disruption and exploit emerging opportunities by transforming business and operating models. We love to work with companies, especially with SMEs and family businesses, to help them identify right opportunities that will help them seize the upside of ongoing and evolving disruption. Our focus is on harnessing their entrepreneurial spirit and guide them on applying innovative technologies and operating paradigm. These will help companies create new and sustainable business models.

Moreover, we leverage business alliances with leading technology partners to integrate technology solution – like the automation. Internet of Things, robotics etc. – as forward-thinking solutions.


Our five-pronged approach is helping companies get ready for future using today’s strengths and acquiring capabilities required for future.

  • Visualize: the future; industry attractiveness, competitive dynamics, profit pool across value chain
  • Evaluate: the company’s performance relative to its peers – on functional, process and business valuation
  • Assess: identify and quantify the sustainable revenue maximization and cost optimization opportunities
  • Strategize: prioritize and prepare the plan for performance improvement
  • Execute: work with the company management to implement the plan and reassess regularly

At ABI, we truly believe that business transformation is all about envisioning the future and then optimizing the resources and business drivers to attain that future. A unique combination of internal and external bench-marking is integral to ABI’s Business Transformation advisory services. While internal assessment evaluates contribution to business value relative to costs for each business functions, external assessment evaluates the company’s business value creation at each business function level to the same for its peers in the industry.

At ABI, we take pride in our superior service delivery based on a structured approach to conduct incisive analysis. This not only helps us in understanding our clients’ risk profile and financing & investment needs, but also helps us in designing optimal solutions.

ABI’s Robust Framework For Preparing Business Transformation Plan And Implementing It



Business & Operational Model

Sales & Marketing

IT & Digital Transformation

Finance & Accounting

Human Resources

Sourcing & Procurement


Market Opportunity Assessment

Competitive Landscape Analysis

Go-To-Market Advisory

Products Portfolio & Life Cycle Management

Export Markets Evaluation & Entry

Strategic Partnerships / JV / M&A


Assessing Financing Needs

Business Plan & Information Memorandum

PE/VC Funding Support

Debt Raising Support

M&A / Divestment Support

IPO Readiness Assessment


Sales & Distribution Diagnostics

Marketing Optimization

Sales Process Efficiency

Distributors Management

Supply Chain Efficiency

After Sales Efficiency


Benchmarking & Optimization Study

Sourcing & Procurement Optimization

Cash Conversion Cycle Optimization

Inventory Optimization

Accounts Payable Optimization

Accounts Receivable Optimization


Enterprise Digital Strategy

Automation & Process Efficiency

Enterprise Resource Planning

IT Enabled Revenue Maximization

IT Enabled Business Productivity

IT Enabled Workforce Transformation


HR Strategy

Talent & Leadership

HR Process Transformation

HR-IT Strategy

HR Analytics

Succession Planning

Training & Development


Business Requirements Analysis

Master Data Strategy & Design

BI & Decision Support

Customer Analytics

Operational Analytics

Product Innovation Analytics

Risk & Compliance Advisory




30+ Business Transformation, Strategy Consulting, Feasibility Studies and & Transaction Advisory assignments across diverse industry sectors and geographies

Sectors: Manufacturing | Industrials I Chemicals | Pharmaceuticals | Engineering & Machinery | Electrical & Electronics | Textiles | Transportation & Logistics | Plastic & Plastic Products | Infrastructure | Food Processing | Renewable Energy | Agribusiness | Healthcare

Region: 20+ countries across Asia-Pacific, the Middle East, Africa & Indian Sub-continent



100+ years of combined strategy consulting & business transformation advisory and implementation experience with deep expertise and knowledge of transforming business and operational models  

Team: 10 professionals with 4-principals each having more than 10 years of strategy & business consulting experience

Qualification: MBA Finance I CFA

Experience: Business Consulting | Investment Bank | Private Equity | Project Finance | Corporate Strategy

Alliances: Technology & Automation Experts | Human Capital Transformation Experts | Market Research



Our focus on structured deep-dive framework to develop incisive analysis to identify, quantify and prioritize transformation opportunities for a sustainable revenue maximization and cost optimization scenarios

We focus on making our client future-ready using today’s strengths and helping them acquiring capabilities required for future.

Visualize: the future; industry attractiveness, competitive dynamics, profit pool across value chain

Evaluate: the company’s performance relative to its peers – on functional, process and business valuation

Assess: identify and quantify the sustainable revenue maximization and cost optimization opportunities

Strategize: prioritize and prepare the plan for performance improvement

Execute: work with the company management to implement the plan and reassess regularly


Our ability to leverage experienced professionals from various domain to quickly understand sector/geography specific nuances is an added advantage

Sector Experts: 30+ sector experts with 10+ years of average domain experience

Technology Experts: 10+ technology intellectual property experts to help understand nuances of technology and their commercialization potential

Market Research: Internal Knowledge Base of 100+ market research to quickly understand business drivers and sources of value creation / destruction

Database: Internal Database on “guideline public companies” across geographies and growth curve, with their operational and valuation multiples, that helps quickly understand factors impacting valuation


ABI brings Business Consultants, Sector Experts & Implementation Advisers based on the specific requirements of the client. ABI brings other relevant experts – as needed – either from its own employee base or from its “experts’ network” spread across the globe.

A typical engagement includes:

  1. Initial Assessment In discussion with the Client’s Management Team and key stakeholders
  2. Proposal document outlining the scope of the work, solution framework, team profile, key milestones, engagement & communication governance, related timelines and commercials
  3. ABI sets a Project Management Office (PMO) including ABI Consultants and Key Professionals from the Client’s team
  4. The engagement is executed through a well-defined and collaborative Engagement Governance Framework. The key aspects of this framework include:



Client’s Senior Management

ABI’s Senior Management


Oversees the entire business transformation initiatives and provides necessary clarifications to the team

Reviews the strategic options and take a final decision on the selected strategy

Leads the change management and is focused on aligning implementation with designed strategies



Main point of contact for delivering on the business transformation initiatives

Provides overall direction and guidance to the consultant’s team

Acts as the key negotiator with different stakeholders

Responsible for reviewing the key finding, proposed solution framework and related operational and financial KPIs

Participates in review meetings with the Steering Committee

Brings other Consultants / Experts on the team, as and when required




Conducts a thorough review of the business and operational model

Ensures rigorous evaluation of available strategic options and then suggest best course of action

Presents upside, execution scenarios and associated risks & mitigates for each strategic option


Conducts a thorough review of the evolving technologies & automation potential

Designs the IT and digital transformation for the business

Presents upside, execution scenariosn and associated risks & mitigates for each option

Helps in implementing initiatives


Appraises the business transformation from financial perspective

Evaluates the cost-benefit analysis for each strategic option and helps prioritize

Assess growth and revenue maximization potential under different scenarios from financial perspective

Assess cost optimization potential under different scenarios from financial perspective

Evaluates all sources of risks and suggest the optimal course of action for business value enhancement



ABI Revamps Business & Operational Models of An Industrial Manufacturer

The Client

An SME engaged in manufacturing and servicing of industrial parts in India. Started by a first-generation entrepreneur, within 15 years of its existence, the Client grew impressively on the back of its high-class engineering technology and end-to-end solutions, customized to client’s specific requirements.

Scope Of Work

In recent years, the company started growing slower than its industry peers. The problem was compounded by the drop in its operating profit margins.

The Client was looking to transform the company from family-run business to professionally run business and strategic overhauling to propel itself on a sustainable and much-more predictable higher growth trajectory. All these with an aim to eventually going for listing on stock exchange.

ABI Solution

  • ABI conducted a holistic and deep-dive analysis of the client’s existing business, growth strategy, product & services portfolio and technological prowess vis-à-vis the industry trends, competition and opportunities in domestic and export markets
  • Put specifically, ABI designed & implemented transformation around six specific areas:
  1. Accelerate growth and explore international business expansion opportunities
  2. Productivity & cost optimization to enhance the margin profile
  3. IT & Digital transformation initiatives to exploit emerging growth channels and realize costs efficiencies
  4. Human capital transformation, with succession planning
  5. Effective corporate structure and incorporating the ‘Best Management Practices’ of a professionally run organization
  6. IPO readiness assessment and implementing necessary changes, including corporate governance framework
  • ABI deployed a multi-disciplinary team of domain experts and consultants comprising:
  • A strategic consultant to study existing business, competitive dynamics, growth opportunities etc. to identify and quantify various strategic options available to the company
  • A financial consultant to closely work with strategic consultant, technical and HR experts to assess financial feasibility through rigorous cost-benefit analysis
  • A technology transformation expert to study global best practices and visualize the key components of the proposed digital transformation in business and operational domains.
  • A human capital transformation expert to understand current capabilities and the capability required for future, design and implement organizational structure, provide clarity on roles & responsibilities across levels, revamp talent management practices and create effective succession plans
  • ABI team followed its five-stage business transformation framework with effective engagement
  • Defined the future of the industry – industry attractiveness and profit pool across the value chain – based on key macroeconomic and technological disruptions around the industry
  • Review ‘As Is’ business performance & inefficiencies thereof
  • Opportunity assessment with deep-dive analysis & benchmark to identify improvement areas
  • Defined “To-Be” business and finalized strategic goals and business plan for transforming the business
  • Implemented – working with the company management and key stakeholders – transformation initiatives as per the prepared business plan

Engagement benefits:

  • Within one year, the Client was able to grow its existing business by 40%
  • The Client entered into JV partnership with two international corporations – to boost export in the Middle East and North American markets, these will enable the company to become 3X in terms of revenue within 5 years
  • Within one year, the operating margins improved by 12% points with much better cash conversion cycle. Ongoing transformation and automation initiatives are expected to further enhance the margins
  • The Client has attracted professionals to run key strategic business functions with clear mandate and professional performance evaluation as the cornerstone
  • Decentralized decision making with proper checks-and-balances means faster decision making, with positive impact on growth and margins