An investment bank in Europe was looking for outsourced research services to support its bankers and deal makers in the M&A Advisory team.


The client needed a ready to deploy team with deep expertise in investment banking research to support its growing deal activity. The specific scope of the work included:

  • Deal Origination Support
    • Sector research
    • Landscape analysis
    • Target identification
    • Company profiles & info-books
    • Valuation sheets maintenance
  • Deal Execution Support
    • Pitch book
    • Information memorandums
    • Strategic fitment & synergy analysis
    • Comparable analysis
    • Precedent transaction analysis
    • M&A modelling
    • LBO modelling


  • ABI deployed an experienced team of 5 analysts, each with robust experience in investment banking research support across the required sectors
  • ABI deployed a robust Transition Framework to integrate ABI Analysts with the client’s team
    • Engagement Set-up: Defined and implemented processes relating to
      • Team structure
      • Quality control systems
      • Performance metrics & critical-to-quality (CTQ) areas
      • Communication protocol
      • Data security & confidentiality
      • Work templates and guidelines
      • Detailed work process manual
      • Sign-off with the Client on process manual
    • Pilot Service Delivery:
      • ABI analysts work on live deals under close supervision of senior managers and the client’s team
      • Regular client feedback on submitted research
      • Focus on highlighting improvement areas
      • Tracking and benchmarking ABI analysts’ output with that of the Client’s internal team
    • Ramp-Up & Continuity:
      • Completely integrated team on one-to-one communication
      • ABI team took on additional work processes with continuous improvement in efficiency
  • ABI analysts worked on-site with I-bankers during advance stages of deals to support due diligence, financial modeling and other related aspects of the deal
  • ABI team sets-up and automates many regular work – like valuation sheets, news monitoring, standard sections of pitch book etc.


  • Time-efficient as experienced analysts work on the assignment and client could quickly ramp up the coverage without adding extra capacity at its end.
  • Continuous communication and discussion on interim deliverable meant that the entire team was aligned with the same objective as that of client
  • Cost benefits as the client gets a virtual analyst with similar experience and capabilities at 40% less cost
  • The client also leverages our technology and domain experts – as and when needed – on project basis thereby maintaining a lean and cost-effective structure
  • Focus on data-security and well-defined access structure keeps the data and information security as the same level as is found in the internal team