ABI Conducts Technical & Financial Feasibility Study For A Smart City


A leading Management Consulting firm working for Smart Cities initiatives of the government of an Asian country was looking for end-to-end support on conducting Technical & Financial Feasibility Study for a proposed Smart City. The focus of this initiative was on evaluating a Public & Private sector collaboration model to provide citizen with an integrated and technology enabled infrastructure services.


The client needed support across the deal cycle – from pre-feasibility study to detailed technical & financial feasibility on selected smart solution to financial feasibility model to shortlisting and selection of vendors.


  • ABI deployed a multi-disciplinary team of domain experts and financial consultants comprising:
    • A technology/ICT expert to study global best practices and visualize the key components of the proposed Smart City and develop technical feasibility of the initiative
    • A domain expert to study existing city infrastructure, conducting market survey and assessment, scenario building and bid evaluation
    • A financial consultant to closely work with technical and domain experts to assess financial feasibility through rigorous cost-benefit analysis
  • ABI team conducted Technical & Financial Feasibility study covering the following aspects:
    • Global Best Practices: in developing smart cities, key benefits, key risks & mitigates, key learning from earlier project implementation etc.
    • Proposed Services: defining the key components of Smart City – the minimum services and good-to-have services, including secured public wi-fi, smart parking, smart surveillance, smart streetlights, smart waste management & water treatment, smart access management etc.
    • Pre-Feasibility Work: the stakeholders analysis opportunity analysis on long list of proposed initiatives
    • Use Case Analysis: the “As-Is” and “In-Future” scenarios of the infrastructure services and ease-of-life/work for citizen
    • Design Architect: the technical feasibility of proposed services and plans for integrated ICT backbone
    • Environmental Impact: the impact on environment and carbon footprints
    • Economic Feasibility: the cost benefit analysis of proposed services, revenue modelling, capital expenditure and on-going operational costs analysis
    • Financial Benefits: to the stakeholders like citizen, local government, federal government, investors
    • Vendor Selection Mechanism: vendors identification and the bid document (RFI / RFP / Bid Evaluation Models) preparation


  • The client leverages out analysts and domain experts on project basis thereby maintaining a lean and cost-effective structure
  • Pre-feasibility Work:
  • A detailed technical & financial feasibility report, related model and presentation, including
  • Support across the deal cycle
    • Identification of the smart solutions from the long-list, based on in-depth cost benefit analysis
    • Designing the technical and financial feasibility for selected smart solutions
    • Effective vendor selection process – from RFP to final selection based on the bid evaluation model developed by ABI
    • Smart City PMO Management during the smart solutions building phase
  • Time-efficient as multiple teams were able to work on different aspects of the deals, making the client’s team to focus on negotiations and meeting while ABI took care of all the research work
  • Continuous communication and discussion on interim deliverable meant that the entire deal team was aligned with the same objectives